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Betty's New Floor Installation

In 2008, Betty was looking to have her Livingroom carpets replaced with Hardwood Flooring and to have a custom Entertainment Unit built. She chose a beautiful Maple Hardwood and within a short time, she had a beautiful new floor and an Entertainment Unit that was now large enough to house her television. She held on to a sample of that new flooring, with the intention of having her bedroom floor replaced someday and in 2018, the search for the same flooring finally began. Fortunately, we were in luck! The company she ordered the flooring from 10 years earlier had moved, but was still in business and the flooring was still available to order in.

The Bedroom Floor After Carpet Removal

Before Flooring Pictures

Despite how good it looked, the old carpet and underlay were cut into strips and brought to the landfill for disposal. All that was left was the cement-based floor, which is used mainly for sound proofing between units in multi-unit complexes. It had developed a few character cracks over the years, but was still in great shape to install Betty's new Hardwood Flooring on. 

Start Of The New Flooring Installation

Progress Pictures

All the flooring was stacked up in Betty's livingroom and her large balcony was used to set up all the tools needed to cut the new flooring. I was so appreciative of Betty's patience during the whole flooring installation and at the end of the each work day, her bedroom furniture was repositioned again. The flooring was able to be installed during the day and Betty was able to use her bedroom in the evening without much disruption..

The New Floor Is Almost Completed

Almost There!

We couldn't believe how closely matched the new flooring was to the existing one, which had been installed over 10 years ago. Once the flooring had been completed and all her bedroom furniture was put back in place, it was time to install her new flat-screen television. It was securely mounted to the wall and installed at just the right height to watch her Canucks win their hockey games.

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