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Setting New Goals For 2022

Gary McAuley and 2 Honest™ Carpenter ltd (2HC) have been providing trusted Home & Business Improvements to all Lower Mainland clients- including Steveston, Richmond, Vancouver, South Surrey, and South Delta- since 2008. There have been many ‘Before and After’ job photos taken over the years, and clients have been a bit confused why their photos had never been posted to the 2HC Website. They’ve also been offering to provide testimonials & reviews of their 2 Honest Carpenter experience, but company procedures were never really put in place for them to write that review.  

Gary had been continuously trying to address these issues, along with outdated Social Media platforms and an existing website that hadn’t been updated since 2010. So, it was time to set some new goals for 2022, in hopes of providing answers to those questions and a few others that clients have been asking for. How to build a website that could be totally community focused? A local website, where clients can view the work being done (or completed) just down the road or maybe a few blocks away from where they live! Here’s what he came up with for his Steveston clients …… 

A Whole New Website

Welcome to Your Local Steveston Carpenter Website!  StevestonCarpenter.ca will be the new home for 2 Honest Carpenter’s Steveston area clients. 2HC will be posting all Steveston area work, gallery photos, and testimonials for you to enjoy all on one site and so close to home! Hopefully,  StevestonCarpenter.ca will make it easier for all residents to view what 2 Honest Carpenter’s been up to in their own community. The ‘Amazing Clients’ menu item in the header section above ⬆️  has a few of the Steveston area clients 2HC has had the pleasure of working for over the years, and there’ll always be room to add to that list.

For your convenience, a  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  menu item has been created in the top right had corner ↗️ of the site. There you will find a link to all the Reviews Sites that clients have been wanting to post to about their experiences with 2 Honest Carpenter. We’re always hoping that you too can add a positive review to that list, once we’ve completed with your work as well. Also, if you would like to check out 2 Honest Carpenter’s new website, please click on the link below ⬇️ to bring you directly to the site.  

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Gary' Blog

Welcome to Gary’s Blog Post Page at GarysBlog.ca.  A site created by Gary McAuley, where you’ll find some of the ongoing posts and pictures of repair work he’s been called on to fix everyday. See for yourself what could happen if one chooses to neglect the regular maintenance or repairs of their home, and what could eventually result as the outcome. Everything from live Carpenter Ants and their destruction they can make in a wall, to 6″x 6″s so rotted out at the base, you’ll be asking yourself “how’s the structure even standing?”. Blog Posts created with what Gary views as ‘the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly‘ from a 30+ year carpenter’s perspective. There will also be some pictures posted about some Drive-By Experiences – where Gary stopped along side the road to take carpentry related pictures that were so beautiful, they’re definitely worth a mention. And some other photos taken …. not so much!

All visitors will be encouraged to view, comment, and share Gary’s Blog Posts in hopes that everyone can enjoy the Blogs. Over 30 years can seem like forever to be a carpenter and Gary is excited to share some of his experiences throughout his career – which he assures, won’t disappoint 😜. He invites you to click on the link below ⬇️ which will bring you directly to Gary’s Blog at GarysBlog.ca

Thank You for visiting Your Local Steveston Carpenter Website and hope you’re able to enjoy the new site, which should be fully completed by Spring 2022. Until then, stay safe & healthy and all the best for 2022.  😊

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